Training Day 2015

The Avondale Racecourse historically is known to have been host to a military training camp named Waiatarua during the first World War. In September 1914 the Avondale racecourse was chosen as the site for the training camp and was erected specifically for Māori who wanted to serve in the New Zealand army. By late October 500 volunteers were encamped on the racecourse. This was to be home to the First Māori Contingent known as the Pioneer battalion.

As part of the Avondale Market Project 2015, the event Training Day invited members of the public to participate in a specifically designed exercise programme consisting of military exercises. The exercises selected are an integral part of the recruitment criteria that requires applicants to prove they are physically fit to join the NZ Army, NZ Navy and Air force.

The exercises performed included a multi-stage fitness test (beep test), push ups, curl ups and a 2.4km run.

Special thanks to:
Whau the People, organisers of the Avondale Market Project. To all the participants Balamohan, Janet, Jody, Lea, Monica and Neville and Ian Powell.

Cinematography: Ian Powell