Dead Mileage 2011

Working together with director Louise Tu’u of We Should Practice, Dead Mileage was a project aimed at bringing the past to the present, in particular East Street, Newton Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. For 12 hours (Sunday 12am-12pm) the names and occupations of East street residents between 1911 to 1987 were chalked on the footpath of the street, allowing current residents and publics to learn about those who lived on the street before them.

Thank you to our security for the night Mike Williams and the marshals who volunteered their time to help ensure our safety: Rochelle Thorne, Mose Eteuati, Jacob Thorne, Victoria Wynne-Jones, Daniel Strang, David Sun, Jamie Connor, Mike Holland, Rachel Rayner, Sophie Wilson, Cathy Livermore, John Radford, Kelvin Aris and especially Brent Harris.

Photo credit: John Radford & Louise Tu’u