Mauria 2020

Mauria was the second walking project that invites participants to traverse the urbanscape of Ōwairaka and was the return journey to Kawea in 2019. During this journey people participating in the walk were asked to bring a small packet of plant seeds or seedlings of any kind to be carried during the journey.  The journey began from the Waterview Reserve before travelling towards and arriving at the base of the mountain of Ōwairaka / Te Ahi Kaa o Rakataura. Participants were asked to walk together, forming the presence of a moving waka across the land and at times walking along side Te Auaunga stream. At the end of the walk, accompanied with food and drink, participants were invited to exchange their plant seeds or seedlings with one another to take home.

Mauria was inspired by migration stories to Aotearoa via the Waitematā through to the settlement of the mountain. It considered the idea of migration and what people may bring along with them, as they leave their homeland to settle in a new land.

Thank you to all the participants who attended. Thank you to Melissa Laing and Christina Houghton of Walking About, Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery and Albert-Eden Local Board for the invitation and support of this project.

Image credit: Ian Powell